We Are Balancing Enthusiasm with Common Sense in the U16-19 Football Players

On your way to the top, you need a dream and ambition. Without these, big club players would not be where they are. However, even such driving forces as dreams and ambitions must not paralyze the player in his moment. It is also important for the driving forces to have the right shape and come from the right source.

SportMind consultant Rosťa Helštýn focuses on the mental support of the footballers. He also draws his experience from his coaching past as he coached the U16 – U19 teams. Today, he helps these teams and the individuals to set their “heads”; for example, he has helped a player of one of the leading Czech football clubs.

His misperception of the quality of his skills did not prevent him from living in a dream that he would play in Barcelona once. The development of his talent paradoxically hampered ambitions that had no real basis. These ambitions were also inappropriately promoted by the closest people around him – his family. Over time, he gradually became disillusioned and frustrated, which resulted in him quitting football.
Working with this player consisted mostly of working with his family. We’ve worked on his censorship, independence, ability to accept criticism, etc. Today, he has accepted the fact that he won’t get to play in Barcelona. Instead he plays football at a lower level and enjoys the game. His performance is finally rising towards the heyday he has been dreaming of.

“Thanks to the SportMind diagnostics, I am now perfectly aware of the initial state. My consulting and intervention activity is based on the processes of change in both individuals and dynamisms within the group. I approach this work with a great humility.” says the football mental coach Rostislav Helštýn who can benefit from his coaching practice of U16 – U19.

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