Floorball coach and mental coach surprised to find out about their team’s dynamics

Coaches know a lot about their teams and players. Looking at team dynamics by detecting unconscious reactions, however, moves their perception to another level. In this particular situation, this level means a medal.

The coach and the mental coach of the Czech Floorball National Team U19 wanted to get to know the real state of internal team dynamics as well as the potential for team performance improvements. To achieve that, they used SportMind. They wanted to apply their findings during their preparation period for the World Cup.

“Thanks to the application of the SportMind diagnostics results as a part of our preparation for the Junior Championship, not only did we confirm some facts about the group we had expected. Moreover, we discovered vital information about team dynamics, which we hadn’t had a clue about. We fully used the information during the consultations and the resulting work with the group to prepare the team mentally.” says Jiří Jakoubek, the head coach of the Czech Floorball National Team U19

In addition to the information about the team dynamics, they have also found out about the actual state of players’ relationships with their coaches and some options how to set optimal communication.

What about the result?
“Mainly due to the fundamental improvement of communication and relationships within the team, the result has been the achievement of great group cohesion,” describes the benefits of the cooperation with SportMind Martin Daněk, the mental coach of U19 national team.
“The outcome – gaining the 3rd place on the World Cup in Sweden – was definitely worth it!” rejoices Jiří Jakoubek.

Congratulations on the huge success of the Czech floorball and we are looking forward to supporting the team next year!

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