Supporting the football team to get from the bottom of the league right to the top

A team is not just a group of individual players and the craft of individuals needs to be supplemented by strong interconnection and interaction of these particular sportspeople. This simple approach can get any team among the elite.

At the very beginning of the cooperation with the SportMind team, the team playing the top young generation leagues U16 and U17 was at the bottom of the league. The players were not able to work as a team, to communicate with each other or to cooperate on the pitch.

Over the period of a year-and-a-half work on mutual respect and confidence-building, better communication, which is the only means of achieving functional cooperation, has increased. “Some coaches still don’t understand this aspect of the game, forget about it or don’t work with it at all,” says SportMind consultant Rosťa Helštýn.

Thanks to improving relationships, the team’s sporting performance has escalated as well. After a year and a half, the team now can see itself close to the top of the league. However, what is more important is what the players took from football to further development of their life skills.

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