Results seem to show ‘little miracle’ in the HESU team

Among young athletes, you can find loads of those enthusiastic ones, dozens of physically talented, and several ones having a suitable somatotype. Yet all these qualities together are sometimes not enough. The equipment of an exceptional athlete should include a good family environment and support as well as an understanding coach who is able to adjust athlete’s physical strain effectively. Last, but not least, the way athletes cope with themselves is essential.

Elite Team HESU is a group of young talented athletes from HESU Sports Academy founded by Zuzana Hejnová, 400 m hurdles champion. 14, 17 and even 18-year-old athletes are trained by their coach Dana Jandová and thus prepared for their first races and championships. These young people are pre-disposed to gain world-class success. They have enthusiasm, talent, good physical shape, and a wonderful coach. The only thing they have to deal with is their own psyche. Nonetheless, as every young person has to.

SportMind helps the coach Dana to get into hearts and souls of her charges so that she is able to understand better their reasoning and to motivate them more effectively. Often even a tiny change in communication serves as a “little miracle” and is immediately reflected in the form of new metres in a throw, centimetres in a long-jump, or spared seconds in a run.

Dana Jandová, Track and Field Coach
“At the very first time we have used SportMind, I immediately noticed the positive change of attitude of the Elite Team girls towards training and also their training moral. They had noticeably better the measured results! But what I appreciate the most is the fact that our communication was improved and there was a great boost in their motivation.”

SportMind helps the young athletes to aim their dynamic energy both into their performance and into finding balance in their lives. A really hard task is usually to find the balance among the family life, educational demands, and the career of a professional athlete. The proof that this work is worth is the fast-growing collection of medals won at big athletic events. Behind this success, there is not only the huge effort of athletes and the significant work of the coach but also their families who are in touch with SportMind consultants. And when the changeover to adult category comes, we are especially careful. But that is another story…


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